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Monday, January 15, 2007

Full ahead Litespeed!

A busy 3 day weekend...started with the Zipp flat-fest on Saturday. Just so you know, there are still good people out there, while waiting for Holly in front of Berkman plaza I asked a security guard if there was a cafe in Berkman to get a cup of coffee. Turns out there is but they aren't open on Saturday, she said you can't get a cup off coffee around here, the only place is the Landing. So, I say have a nice day & off she goes...abut 15 minutes later she drives up in her security guard car, gets out & brings me a cup of coffee she had bought at Burger King...good folks are out there & that coffee was as good as any Starbucks!

Build the Litespeed - Marino assembles the Litespeed over the course of about 4 hrs which includes a road trip to Kent Lofton's place where Mike proceeds to take over the mechanic's station. Thank God he did or we wouldn't have gotten the Mavic converted to Campy.

Left Mike's to go referee a youth basketball game & the coach the following...our girls got pummeled 40 to 10.

Sunday - no church for me, instead I finished installing the new attic stairs into the new ceiling I framed & finished out last weekend. Oh yeah, did a 1 hr interval run before that. Left for the Cecil pool at 3:30 & got in a 4000 yard swim then home to grill some chicken. Tried putting the pedals on the Litespeed only to mangle my thumb (the wrench slipped & my thumb impaled itself on a tooth on the front chain wheel...OUCH!!!!

Monday - Small group meeting at the church at 7am followed by 48 mile Mandarin Loop ride. Saw Hannigan's better half, Margaret but I don't think she knows who I am? I said hello...
Home to do yard work some pressure washing of the front walk & then took Hannah to her 4pm Physical therapy session. Took the Litespeed to Drew to get the pedals put on, apparently I am a loser bike mechanic & stripped the threads so after several expletives & failure to get the pedals on, Drew saves the day.

So, the Litespeed is about ready, took it for more of a real test spin tonight with the pedals. The Zipps are off the tri bike as I don't want to use them for training...this is way more than you want to know & I won't post this crap again, just had one of those weekends.

That is all...

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