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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Testing....1..2.... testing it working ??

I was in a fog and got bogged down trying to do a blog....( great stuff)

Special thanks to A TEAMER Art...Sluggo....New Wheels ....Gonzalez....for making it possible for me to get to the blog site......MY PEOPLE have the week off .... thus I have to do it myself....

Had a nice ride yesterday with Bert from Santa Barbara to Jax......joined enroute in Bishop Estates by James Cardon who was told where we were by Mike M....

Margaret rode 40 big ones again yesterday..taking advantage of the fine weather for the 3rd day in a row...........she can tell Mike M and Art and Paul but not sure about Peter....Margaret does not were her glasses while riding

Powered down to the South Mandarin Library this morning.....windy and crisp...felt good....22mph average.....

So now I know where all the conversations between A TEAMERS--Cycling ICONS in the
HUB OF THE UNIVERSE ..have been taking place.....

Have a personal appearance in 2 hours...thus must get ready.....

We are low on A TEAM 8X10s

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  1. I'm Not Worthy:

    His name is Rusty Yeager, an old cycling bud from Indiana. His claim to fame is that, according to the club's newsletter, as of November 19th, Rusty has ridden 84 centuries during the year. And I wonder why I can't keep up on TOSRV in Ohio. He's about an inch shorter than Marino and about 40+ lbs. lighter. He rides a Kestrel. Oh...I am so not worthy. Closest I came was in 1992 when I did a personal best of 23 centuries.