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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cycling Photos

Love Graham Watson's stuff - check out his work form Milan-San Remo

Milan-San Remo...going to the dogs

Check out this video from MSR...

Monday, March 08, 2010

A-Teamers getting into full swing (ride)

The A-Team Jacksonville was seen spinning it up this weekend on the roads of North/Central Florida. Saturday’s Velo Brew B ride witnessed 80% of the A-Teamers working on their cycling conditioning preparing for the rapidly advancing double century – TOSRV in April. The highlight of the ride was the A-Teamers improvising the route to take advantage of a rest stop at Starbucks. Four grown men in spandex and cycling cleats sipping espresso provided the Starbucks onlookers with plenty of entertainment.

Sunday, a glorious sunny crisp day, I rode the “hills” of Clermont, Fl spinning up all the central Florida classics including Buckhill, Citrus Hill and good ole Sugarloaf. Clermont is an A-Team favorite destination – all I can say about the ride is “love those wheels!”

Not certain where the rest of the team rode on Sunday, probably the WGV for most and I’m guessing Mr. Sluder was participating in some single track action?

Other Pro cycling news - Levi Leipheimer took 3rd in the Paris-Nice prologue last night – Holly was excited.  Upon doing some research on Levi’s Gran Fondo in October, Holly realized Levi will be riding with us, sort of, during the Gran Fondo.

Cycling – one of the planet’s greatest sports

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