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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dog Days of August

Took Hannah to UF on Thursday. Bought her a bike at this cool shop that sells only used bikes - got her a Gary Fisher Marlin for $200. It needs some work but a not a bad bike for the price.

Did the Open Road short loop today. Had intended on the long loop but had a headache as we rolled down Mandarin road at 30+ so cut it short and headed home. Scott Reaves did a cool thing today; he basically rode with this 15 or 16 year old (maybe younger?) kid who has been racing for about a year. Scott stayed with him and kept him informed of what to look for on the ride. Nice to see someone mentoring the younger riders - Thanks Scott.

Lots of cycling upcoming:
  • Dahlonega Aug 28th
  • Savannah - Labor Day
  • Watermelon - Mid Sept
  • Swamp Man - Mid Sept
  • 6 Gap - End of Sept
  • Levi's Gran Fondo - Oct
  • Horsefarm - Oct 24th (We'll make a weekend out of it since it is Family weekend at UF and Hannah's birthday!)
  • Horrible 100 - November

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