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Monday, August 02, 2010

Blazing Saddles Century

This century is aptly named "Blazing Saddles," it was definitely toasty for the ride. I'm not sure what the temps maxed out at but 98 to 100 would be a good guess.

Art G, Stevie B, and myself drove over to Newnan, Ga on Friday with the ride leaving from Franklin, Ga Saturday morning. A small turn out of about 275 riders started the ride, 8am was the start time and several left at 7 to 7:30 to beat the heat.

The ride is a steady diet of rollers, nothing real steep just roller after roller with very little flat sections. Starting in Georgia the route meanders into Alabama for several miles. The roads we took are very rural and scenic, this is one of the prettier rides we've done.

Steve opted for the 48 miler, Art put in about 61 before heading in and I got in 80 miles. I was heading into the final 25 mile loop to finish the full 103 when I had rear tire issues so had to turn it back and call it a day.

The ride was well organized, we regularly saw local law enforcement during the ride which is comforting. The sags were not very elaborate with respect to choices but they were spaced about every 15 miles and had plenty of water/Gatorade. 15 miles was about as far you could go before needing a bottle refill, there were no stores in sight to stop and refresh.

Macon, GA - Just a quick side not about our Sunday ride in Macon, Ga. We drove to Macon Saturday evening, Steve lived in Macon for a couple of years and knew some of the roads. We did a 36 miler early Sunday and it was gorgeous! We traveled some lightly used two lane roads with rollers and the scenery was beautiful. Great call on that one Steve!

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  1. Come join us again this year on Saturday, July 30, 2011. A few changes to the Century route have been made and we will feed you a sketti supper.