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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Longest ride ever

This is the longest distance I've ever done on a single ride, rode a hard 110 miles Saturday on the tri bike. Two 55 mile loops starting at the Imeson trail head. Started out freezing & miserable for about 2 hours until the sun was up enough to warm things up.

Apparently, I didn't inflate the Zipps enough, on the first loop I struggled to hold 17mph. Got back to the car & inflated the tires & a vast improvement. Dealing with those valve extenders on the Zipps is a hassle, the air pump acts a little different than when it's straight on the tire valve vs the Zipps valve extenders, it's more difficult to determine tire pressure w/the extenders cause the pump doesn't hold the pressure to measure psi...another lesson learned.

Also had some gastric issues on the first loop & I think it's those damn Cliff Bars...on the 2nd loop had an Oatmeal Raisin Power Bar with me & it was more agreeable with the gastric plumbing. Another good nutrition discovery for long rides is Wheat Thins, I'll be packing those little crackers at IMAZ.

Hey ART - At breakfast did the Starbuck's double shot thingy I bought w/you Friday...hope that didn't cause the gastric stuff ,it would have been a good thing to have taken proior to hitting the 2nd loop.

So, with the under inflation among other things, it was a tough ride and on the final loop coming down 121 with the wind in the face...that hurt. Then it's back down the trail where, get this, I crashed! Lost concentration long enough to drift off the Baldwin trail & crash, I also think the wind assisted catching the Zipps, and BOOM! Not to worry, the bike is fine! I have road rash on the leg & arm, but as I said, the bike is fine.

At the end of the ride, got off the bike & felt a little dizzy so no mood to do a run, just headed home & took a 1hr nap then ended up going to bed later that night at 9:30.
Other than that...

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  1. Whew. Bike's OK. I hate to see all that work go to waste.

    That's for updating us on the gastric issues.

    You might want to try hard candy, too.